Bird Call Review

Bird calls are incredibly diverse. But are they all good? Are some just okay? Can a bird call be sexy? Let's find out.

Birds on Branch
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  • Eastern Bluebird (Mexican)

    Jeremy and Michael review the Eastern Bluebird (Mexican) and discuss quitting unexpectedly, masterbating at Panera bread, downline come ups, the Barnes and Noble library, marketing a leveled business, aggressive sanitization, leaving your underwear on, and tying too tightly.

  • Supreme Lyre Bird

    Jeremy and Michael review the Supreme Lyre Bird and discuss half-attention-tasking, domestic cleaning products as gifts, Manscaping, Michelle Kuan intolerance, juice, photographing dudes pissing, AI apologies, the original chicken sandwich (it’s toasted).

  • Partridge

    Jeremy and Michael review the Partridge and discuss when the twelfth day of Christmas is, bold-faced lies, bar-maid robots and powerful gloves, Jeremy’s old man stories about his stomping grounds being replaced by a Starbucks, Beyonce’s quick takes, friends-for-hire and emotion stuffing, adult babies, who the tooth fairy is and other horned animals, shipping the bed, towel thieving, unstuck maneuvers, and tucking back up through the waistband.

  • Pyrrhuloxia

    Jeremy and Michael review Pyrrhuloxia and discuss eating on mic, crossing and dropping lines, Terantinoesque puke angels, Wilhelm love triangles, hot cousin shame, wet-dreams and teeth, homoerotic Zippos tricks, “dog, rubber dildo, black”, “turn down” and “turnt out”, mongoloid horse jerky, snoring, and narcoleptic driving.

  • Curl-Crested Manucode

    Jeremy and Michael review the Curl-crested Manucode and discuss summer, “spaz-attacks”, razorblades in sandboxes, mail-order hepatitis, a field-game tax clause, deep sea deep-thoughts, the unsustainability of meat on twitter, naming children, Grease Italy, how we keep up to date on cross-fit, the unmistakeable sent of 323 dead Norwegian reindeers, sex sales, and butt-sweat.

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