Bird Call Review

Bird calls are incredibly diverse. But are they all good? Are some just okay? Can a bird call be sexy? Let's find out.

Birds on Branch
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  • Hooded Oriole

    Jeremy and Michael review the Hooded Oriole and discuss forgettable Star Wars sagas, why you never start sex with ducks, how many days god rested, the planned obsolescence of refrigeration, why thick requires shredded, Queer Eye reaching deep inside us, viral spectrum disorder, and some bullshit about being better humans (just skip it).

  • Eastern Bluebird (Mexican)

    Jeremy and Michael review the Eastern Bluebird (Mexican) and discuss quitting unexpectedly, masterbating at Panera bread, downline come ups, the Barnes and Noble library, marketing a leveled business, aggressive sanitization, leaving your underwear on, and tying too tightly.

  • Supreme Lyre Bird

    Jeremy and Michael review the Supreme Lyre Bird and discuss half-attention-tasking, domestic cleaning products as gifts, Manscaping, Michelle Kuan intolerance, juice, photographing dudes pissing, AI apologies, the original chicken sandwich (it’s toasted).

  • Partridge

    Jeremy and Michael review the Partridge and discuss when the twelfth day of Christmas is, bold-faced lies, bar-maid robots and powerful gloves, Jeremy’s old man stories about his stomping grounds being replaced by a Starbucks, Beyonce’s quick takes, friends-for-hire and emotion stuffing, adult babies, who the tooth fairy is and other horned animals, shipping the bed, towel thieving, unstuck maneuvers, and tucking back up through the waistband.

  • Pyrrhuloxia

    Jeremy and Michael review Pyrrhuloxia and discuss eating on mic, crossing and dropping lines, Terantinoesque puke angels, Wilhelm love triangles, hot cousin shame, wet-dreams and teeth, homoerotic Zippos tricks, “dog, rubber dildo, black”, “turn down” and “turnt out”, mongoloid horse jerky, snoring, and narcoleptic driving.

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