Bird Call Review

Bird calls are incredibly diverse. But are they all good? Are some just okay? Can a bird call be sexy? Let's find out.

Birds on Branch
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  • Nate

    Jeremy and Michael review Nate and discuss sleep interruptions, holiday deaths, un-concerned 911 operators, cosmetic flotation surgery, the big bottoms of Bogota, flappy lids, rising to the oboe, the untold story of Uber—a New Jersey success story, shotgun selfies, “famous”, how stupid we look in the future, and old-fashioned Nintendo shaming.

  • Common Potoo

    Jeremy and Michael review the Common Potoo and discuss review systems, aggressive arborists, unflappable florists, dating in a full-size van, low-brow ninjas, the slow decline to Bill O’Reilly, phone bodies, ticket or “worth it”, bear boundaries, diaper money, “WHAT?!?”, prom produce, graduation advice, and greeting card misattribution.

  • Northern Mockingbird

    Jeremy and Michael review the Northern Mockingbird and discuss Cal Worthington’s pussy-cow, decision trees for shooting animals vs children, products we love, clothes we hate, Dr. Dick & Co’s penis transplants, Dr. Heimlich’s maneuvering, gross children, birth control ads, lose-lose disciplinary action, Elmer the Grunch®, fictional cookie backstories, white male action movie strippers, Making America Mic-Drop Again, and asian spaghetti.

  • Mexican Whip-poor-will

    Jeremy and Michael review the Mexican Whip-poor-will and discuss nature’s cold indifference, drinking games for children, Channing Taitum’s football career, Missing Missy, asshole doppelgängers, asshole GoPros, chinks and redskins, being a literal pussy, attractive scientists, burning children and friends, stabbing and sex, knowing Adolf, adopting Pluto, getting the job done, and all the long ways always takes.

  • Tufted Titmouse

    Jeremy and Michael review the Tufted Titmouse and discuss TurboTax-shaming guilt, ornithological songwriting, nostalgia peer-pressure, glacial humblebrags of glacial proportions, the $2 not-having-to-do-math-with-your-friends tax, the statical relationship of money and problems, and glass punting. Michael uses a bunch of jargon to ask absolutely nothing about taste and Jeremy has a clarifying moment that leads him to retract his criticism of the Vegetti.

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