Bird Call Review

Bird calls are incredibly diverse. But are they all good? Are some just okay? Can a bird call be sexy? Let's find out.

Birds on Branch
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  • Mourning Dove

    Jeremy and Michael review the Mourning Dove and discuss mass cat breeding, Jeremy’s NRA cap and ass-boots, bulk dildos on Amazon Prime, grammar pleasures, Nike-swooped fifth wheels, “h” phoenetics, Lego APR, and self-aware salesman.

  • Great Blue Heron

    Jeremy and Michael review the Great Blue Heron and discuss keeping clean with Vegetti, Orga*ms, testicular discovery, tasteful drowning, Bane, M. Night Shyamalan’s achilles heel, break-ins, punching John Mayer in the throat, The Tesla Goldwing, who The Queen is, and Will tells us why Bane has tube-face-thingies.

  • Wood Thrush

    Jeremy and Michael review the Wood Thrush and discuss dial-up pornography, Board Sauce, the science of barefoot filth, Bro-rock Obama, bigotry futures, twin futures, and beating ass in prison.

  • Limpkin

    Jeremy, Michael, and Zack review the Limpkin and discuss shoe discoveries, seal deaths, Seal, bi-standards, talking about sex with children, Seal, duck sex, rib sandwiches, Disneyland’s corndogs, “the first road to recovery,” Seal, pluck preauthorizations, UX, and Seal. Things get fuzzy, then Seal.

  • Montezuma Oropendola

    Jeremy and Michael review the Montezuma Oropendola and discuss social media gaggles, wagging the dick, that quesalupa ad with the asian Star Trek guy and the memes, space travel, AI, how many Rhode Islands fit in Texas, sword-wielding strippers, polyps, and uvulas.

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